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Kerns & Kastenbaum has a 50 plus year history of serving central Virginia. Robert G. Kastenbaum’s areas of practice include litigation, personal injury, and real estate law, having an interest in providing a diverse consumer client practice. He is an active member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and the Richmond Bar Association. The firm’s founding partners, include T.A. Kerns, a member of the Richmond Bar for more than 50 years.

To contact Robert Kastenbaum and the staff of Kerns & Kastenbaum, PLC:

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Robert Kastenbaum 804-612-3209 bob@kernskast.com
Danielle Miles 804-612-3214 danielle@kernskast.com
Mary Barker 804-612-3206 mary@kernskast.com
Emily Overman 804-612-3201 emily@kernskast.com
Karen Warren 804-612-3203 karen@kernskast.com
Katherine Kouri 804-612-3215 katherine@kernskast.com
George Gray 804-612-3216 george@kernskast.com
Jon Kastenbaum 804-612-3225 jon@kernskast.com